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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Floods, More Free Music

Keep your fingers crossed, Quincy. The next three days will tell the tale.

Some guy running for President was in town Saturday.

This is one thing you really need to be concerned about when it comes to the flooding.

Shey Fey and I will be at the O-L early this afternoon before watching the final round of the U.S. Open. We desperately need help with sandbags. If you can spare an hour or two ... please come down.

More great free music Saturday. I was a judge in the Colgate Country Showdown at Upper Moorman Park and it attracted a big crowd. Jack Inghram and Jim Phillips judged with me. Carrie Joy was the winner and clearly deserved it, this gal could make some noise in the bidness. I loved Nelsonville, two guys from NE Missouri who have a blast playing original songs. Charissa Mrowka took third but I thought both Brooke Rochelle and Caitlyn Stoeckley were better.

Each act did two songs. Madd Hoss Jackson was the backing band and Jim Jenning's guys did a fantastic job - many of the 10 acts did original songs and the band was right there all night.

Then it was off the Quincy Gems games to watch The Classics play after the final out. Check out the weekend games at QU Stadium because Rob Ebbing has booked bands for most of them - The Funions are still working on that - and it's awesome.

Ted Tappe, Kevin Vandament and Gary DeClue lead an amazing band. I love Gary's bass playing and voice, even if he does look like Buster Brown ... Ted is a great guitar player and Kevin amazing behind the drums.

Grab your shovel and we'll see you this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

The Senator Only here as A PHOTO - OP!
Excuse me! - Mayor - State Rep and this senator doing only 20 sand bags? What great MEN the were to 'help out so tremendously!
Yet our State House Representative Jil Tracy and husband there are REALLY sandbagging!
And the convoys of National Guard!!
They are the real hero's to speak about!
Some in Hannibal - just retune yesterday from camp - and now immediately activated and sandbagging!
THOSE are the real Men and Women who we commend!
And yes you - with your shovel too!
But not the 'press' of him helping sand bag in our community!
Used our community for his personal attempt for HIS benefit only!
In many personal opinion's HE IS SCAREY - dangerous to our Country!!

RH said...

Geesh. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Does your insurance cover anger management?

By the way, John Sullivan went back to sandbagging after Obama left and was there for a long time. Good for both him and Jil. But it doesn't matter who sandbags, just that we get it done.

FRED said...

Yeah, I'm with 2:47 on the big "O" and party and rather than beat that to death like I could I have a different request. Educate me if you can. If the water treatment facility is so important and so vulnerable why isn't there a permanent, 40' water level barrier around it? I mean, haven't we been here before?

SheyFey said...

That last comment is a really good question for the Mayor. Why don't you ask him, fred?

Bagging is hard work. Obama may have only done 20 bags but I will guarantee he had some sort of pain the next day.

GIVE ME A PAIN PILL and I only held the bag, tied it off, and moved them a little!!