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Friday, June 20, 2008

Real Help

Yes, Tookie was on the West Quincy levee with "Coach Guns" and his crew. Yes, Tookie left a comment on yesterday's blog that, as usual, couldn't be deciphered by the CIA's finest intelligence agents.

But he was there, and he has been there, working his butt off.

By the way, I was eating pasta but I was only doing my job, if you read today's paper you'll see what I mean. And you can't say no to Ann Knapheide.

God bless everybody who is fighting this thing. I'm wearing my new sandbagging T shirt I bought at the OLC yesterday. Things have pretty much wrapped up over there.

Keith Franx and I had a lot of fun playing for a benefit last night. Then it was off to Upper Moorman Park where YOUR Quincy Herald-Whig Demons came back from a 12-run deficit to go 12-0.

Some guy tried to run me over at second base but everything was good.

Big show tonight, this will be the last time The Funions play for a while. Midnight Legend starts at 7 p.m., followed by St. Amy's, us and The Blue Healers.


TOOKIE said...

Dani's neighbors have 3 sons . They are 17 & 15 & 12 .the 2 in perfect WORKIN age said " we will help " .......then their mom called at 7 am saying the boys were sleeping .

Dani's daughter's BEST friend is my lil sister-in-law ( who helped in Canton )

If I didn't give you sh*t , then it would mean I didn't care !

Did you catch the Adams County SA's on the National news this morning ?

See you in West Quincy .......

Shower time , sun screen up, and BUG SPRAY

I wish I had a mic for Coach Guns yesterday he cut the turn around time 24 mins when he took over that Natty Guard truck .

TOOKIE said...

By the time I shower & eat .....I am cashed out before 10

Sad to say it but I won't make the Funion show tonight . Please ROCK out with the ****s out tonight for us tired ones !

If the Reaper will give you a day off join Team Tookie tomorrow , we will be done when they say "it's over"

SheyFey said...

Tookie may be crazy but he has a big heart!

BTW, The Venue tonight is at Turner Hall!! Be there!