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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Blast On The Fourth

What a great night at The Elks ... food, fireworks, great crowd to play for.

Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to? Jenny Selvy is an inspiration. God bless you and stay strong!

Great job by TMO on the drums and keyboards. Truly a Spinal Tap moment when we were interrupted in the middle of "Faithfully" by the raffle ticket winners being announced. Gotta give it up to Mark for keeping us on the groove highway (SIX LANES WIDE), Rock A Bye who was getting nasty on slide and Jack for, well, just being Jack, blowing everybody away on the sax once again.

And it was great to have Pat join us for the second half after he did sound on the river for the fireworks. By the way ... might not be a better place in town to watch them than from the Elks parking lot.

The Funions will be on hiatus for awhile at Gus, work and vacations beckon, hopefully back in August with some shows.

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