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Monday, July 13, 2009

Calm in Springfield

Worked for Gus in Springfield and things went very well. Muggy Saturday, but Sunday's weather was awesome, 70s with cloud cover. That probably was a big reason we had no major incidents or issues, just the usual problems with Gus Busters not showing up.

Excellent story by Dave Kane of the Springfield Journal-Register here.

A good Gus Macker tournament depends on how well it is organized from a local level. I'd say Springfield does a decent job, but I wish they could get a little bit better help. Still .... it all worked out. And the site is second to none, around the Horace Mann building a block from the old capitol building. I wandered around Saturday night and was very impressed with the plaques and explanation of the Lincoln history.

Dream Court with the Special Olympics players Saturday morning was awesome. Where else is your Gus Buster a former professional wrestler? Dave (Jackie Saszrak) Conrad, his son Dakota, Troy and all the gang had a blast. 

The day after working for Gus usually means recovering from the truck that ran over you, and this morning is no exception .... except that I'm recovering by sitting on the back porch on another perfect summer morning. 

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