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Saturday, July 04, 2009

No Garage Sales, thanks

— Sore this morning from mud volleyball in Hannibal Thursday night, and from the Mays Family Picnic and Water Slide of Doom party Tuesday. The water slide is awesome and no wonder it's sponsored by three local chiropractors. You know you are getting old when it takes a couple of days to really be sore ....

— The three-season porch is a perfect place to watch the rain.

— Shey Fey went to a garage sale this morning. Oh, I'm sorry ... an estate sale. Actually can't blame her, because she's looking for a specific advertised item. But sometimes a man, even a big slug like me, has to stick to his guns and just say no.

— Much fun watching the 24th and State fireworks last night. Good company, too. Here's to hoping the rain blows away (that's what the radar shows, anyway) and we have lots of people downtown tonight for fireworks, and at The Funions show at the Elks for our Fireworks Bash.

— Nothing like waking up and going upstairs and realizing Bella The Destroyer has pooped in the hallway. Bella? BELLA!

— The 6-1 senior is no longer a senior, which is strange. In fact, she will soon be a freshman, as in, college freshman. She is back in Q-town after a few weeks up north, unfortunately her summer music trip to Europe didn't happen. It will be nice to have her around because, gulp, she starts college next month. Now THAT is really amazing ....

— I am three weeks away from a two-week Lake Michigan beach and working for Gus vacation. Not sure I will make it ....

— I am hooked on this Facebook stuff. I've managed to keep tabs on my sister's move from Louisville to North Carolina through her kid's Facebooks. Ahhh, 21st century communication.

— Have a safe Fourth, hope to see you tonight downtown!

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PPGA Commish said...

We were able to drain the keg on Friday night without you.

No TScott bike ride of doom either.

We'll mark you on the calendar for 2010!