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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Elks, Bella The Destroyer

As mentioned before, one of the best parts about this house is the back porch. Right now I'm trying to wake up and I'm watching Bella, our Border Collie puppy, tear apart a large cardboard box in the backyard. 

My mother told a story about me many years ago. I was maybe 2 or 3 years old, we were at Aunt Kay's house, and I was throwing mud against a brick wall in the backyard. My mother and father realized with horror what I was doing, but the legendary Aunt Kay said, "Oh, let him be. He's only having fun!"

So it is with Bella. Sometimes I want to strangle her, until she looks up with those puppy eyes and floppy ears and lopsided grin.

We had a great Funions practice last night with The Mighty One, who purchased a new keyboard. We've added a few songs and at one point last night I was on the drums, TMO was playing harmonica, and we were train-wrecking a blues song into indecipherable and blissful oblivion. Our show Saturday night at the Elks is going to be awesome!

Tonight - mud volleyball. Come see TV guys get their hair messed up.

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TMO said...

I think "train-wrecking" is a little strong! I'd call it a minor derailment! LOL Nothing that can't be put right back on the tracks and sent on round the bend... past Fulsom Prison....