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Friday, July 10, 2009

Less Is More

Had a blast last night playing a private party with Rock A. Bye near LaGrange, Mo., at a beautiful lodge on a lake.

It was for a wedding rehearsal party. We lugged over a P.A. and set up inside, but everybody decided to sit outside by the lake as the evening wore on, so we simply unplugged and took our guitars sans sound system to the party, and hooted and hollered as a full moon rose and the guests got merrier and merrier.

The bride is English and her family and friends were hilarious. Near the end Rock A. Bye played "Rawhide" and our British guests sang right along in a decidedly Spinal Tap moment.

"Oh yes," the father of the bride said. "The Blues Brothers. We know every word!"

Heading to Springfield to work for Gus this weekend, so we'll take a couple of days off from posting.

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