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Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday morning

Sleep. Maybe I'll find it up north.

Wouldn't this be a great show ....

Blues In The District tonight, 10-hour road trip taking the college freshman up and over tomorrow.

But ... there will be no daily newspaper. 

You might be surprised at the opinion of a veteran sports journalist over the Erin Andrews flap.

I am not a pro baseball fan. But I was for a few minutes yesterday.

But I'm over it now.

So .... no more posts for a while. No wireless where I'm headed.

1 comment:

UMRBlog said...

Any time we are tempted to blame the victim--for the offense--for the plea because we did not want to "put her through that again"--for the case going badly--we should lie down until the feeling passes away.

It's Andrews' fault--because she's kind of perky cute-- that some bottom-feeder is drilling a hole in her hotel room and filming her?

She should have done what?--gotten surgery to add a big, hairy facial mole--gained 150 pounds? Brennan sounds like a date-rapist "she wanted it".

Andrews' job was to do fluff on television. That doesn't entitle anybody else to her private space and it doesn't turn creepy into invited.

Gosh, these people from the East sure have interesting ways of thinking about stuff.