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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

She is now an It

Bella The Destroyer was neutered today at the Quincy Humane Society. For those of you with pets who need this done, call the Humane Society, not your vet — you'll save big bucks.

We will see if she, now an it, calms down after being drawn and quartered and her femaledom removed.

Border Collies are smart breeds, and Bella knew something was up when I took her in this morning. Shey Fey called and was assured she woke up from the surgery and was doing OK.

Bella comes home tomorrow morning. Ahhhhh .... a Bella free day! Lucy loves it, too.

Quote of the day, from our redneck neighbors down the block ....  "I already done did dat!"


Rocky Cola said...

I was nuetered on September 28th 1991.

It was a small ceremony in Southeast Missouri in a baptist church. The marriage is now approved by the Pope.

TMO said...

Cruel.... Just Cruel....