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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Very impressed with the new-look Washington Park. The old fountain wasn't user-friendly and it basically took up a big part of the park.

Blues Fest started last night and the park has a much more open feel to it now.

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Quincy needs to keep using the park for all kinds of events. The next improvement should be putting a stage on the south-side gazebo.


UMRBlog said...

Long before you ever got here and before they put the lights in, it had intensive public use. There was more dope delivered there than in a Chinese opium den. Of course, in the words of Glenn Frey "Ya Gotta Carry Weapons cuz Ya Always Carry cash." so there would be the odd homicide/kidnapping.

I'd say we've taken several steps up to the great credit of whole bunch of park commissioners

RH said...

You are right. It wasn't just the park, though. NW corner was especially notorious ... You very well remember the last capital murder case in Quincy, it started in that area.

Yes, the whole area is much better than 30 years ago. I'm just saying from a music perspective, it can be even better.

I was only at Blues Fest for half an hour tonight but it was awesome!