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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bright Lights OL-style

So we are setting up last night for the Web Warrior Bash Of The Century and Napalm Bill shows up with his lights, along with trusty sidekick Alan "Ghetto Fabulous" Lawless, studio guru and banana boat truck driver of doom.

Suddenly the house lights get turned off and the stage lights get turned on. In the immortal words of Dr. Brei .... "Dude, I'm getting a retinal burn here."

Let's face it. When The Funions play, lights are afterthoughts. I remember the legendary K of C driving range show when Scott Smith had the stage lit up and we could see nothing in front of us, and we figured out in a hurry NOT to look right into the lights.

Tonight's show will be all about the rock and roll experience, and as a band I think we are ready. This is the first big private party gig for us and it will be interesting to see what people like or don't like.

The Oakley-Lindsay Center is a challenge acoustically. Even with the room divided in half (there's a pool tournament on the other side) the sound tends to bounce around and it's somewhat muddy. But during soundcheck last night we got a reasonable volume and clarity, hopefully it will work out.

Tookie, thanks. Let's have some fun!

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TOOKIE said...

It is all about the fun !