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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I did something really dumb tonight.

I yelled at a basketball coach.

It's been a very long year for the Quincy High School girls basketball team. They never quit and battle to end of every game, and they've taken their lumps in stride. QHS won its first game of the year and has been in few games the rest of the way.

In the first half tonight against East Moline the Blue Devils hung in there, but they simply wore down against a better team.

With 30 second left and East Moline up 30, their coach decided to press.

And I screamed at him from across the gym.

One of the officials came over and told me to calm down, and he was right. I had no business doing it.

It's just been a frustrating year and I don't appreciate it getting rubbed in.

Eric Orne of Quincy Notre Dame could have rubbed it in Tuesday night, but knows what's going on and he played all his girls.

Evan Massey of Galesburg is simply one of the best high school coaches in the world. His team could have beat us by 80 if he wanted, and QHS-Galesburg is a fierce rivalry .... but he pulled the dogs off early and played everybody.

Just about every team we've played has shown sportsmanship and class.

So I apologize to the Quincy team and the fans for being jerk. It sent a poor message to our girls and other parents and fans.

I do not apologize to the East Moline coach. His girls played hard and fair. He could learn a thing or two from them.


TOOKIE said...

From now on you will be known as "Soccer Mom" Funion

RH said...

Deservedly so.

TOOKIE said...

Well at least you did not lose a bet to JL Sachs .....

Your shame is heart felt , my shame is such that I can never go in public again .

Rocky Cola said...


I did something I thought was just as dumb this week along the same lines and have been beating myself up for it ever since, except mine was on Monday night.

You might be catholic with the guilt trip your on!

Amazing what rage and anger can cause.

RH said...

This was more about frustration than anything. Being angry sucks.

UMRBlog said...

Give yourself a break. You recognized your mistake. Fan PC-ness is a little overhyped in HS sports anyhow. Most fans flip a little from time to time. Somehow, the kids and the game survive and prosper.

On the merits, remember that most presses are used to cover up for a lack of organized offense--so this coach was depriving his girls of a wonderful opportunity to practice sets on offense, which is what you're supposed to do with a big lead. Everybody wins. It holds the scores down a little and your kids get valuable reps.

He was behaving stupidly. You called him on it. You're a fan. Fans get to say stuff, especially when they're correct. Sounds like you were both, fan and correct, that is.

Other than embarrassing Miss Emily, I'm not sure you did anything wrong. And Miss Emily already knows you're a dork. No harm done.

Who loves ya, Baby? I got your back.

RH said...

Thanks UMR .... I should have just shut my mouth, but the more I think about it, the more I realize somebody had to stand up to this coach.

I will say this about our girls, who got beat again today by 10 by a very good Springfield High team ... they never give up. Ever. They are 1-20 but they bust their butts the whole game, and I am very proud of Emily and the whole team.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hart, you are one class act....I saw East Moline play at Rock Falls today, both teams played extremely well but the East Moline coach was a jerk...should have had at least three T's...none were called....
Evaline Cooper

Anonymous said...

Did you go to Culver's in Rock Falls? My favorite restaurant!