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Saturday, January 26, 2008


January, a cold-hearted witch at times, slowly releases her grip today.

The ice at South Park has been fantastic for more than a week, almost a record. But this morning the top half inch was a slushy mess, and Curtis Creek skating is likely done for the year.

Despondent, I headed north to another favorite surface. This one is tucked back on the north side of town, and the quarter-inch crusty layer of snow kept it protected.

It's a beautiful thing, gliding around a large patch of ice, and a great workout to boot.

We'll see if it's any good tomorrow.

QND Trivia tonight. I've decided Rock A. Bye, Chuck Otte and I are the Dr. Johnny Fevers of our team.


TOOKIE said...

We will be South Sideeeeeeeeeeeee

Jammin with Fielder at 9 ish

South Sideeeeeeeeeeee

RH said...

Rats .... tell Logan, Alex, Scott, Matt and that drummer/guitar player we'll see em March 15 ...

TOOKIE said...

Cheeks was kickin with us last night ! Let me tell you that drummer was breaking people's chest cavitys in last night !

The amp was set at 11

Anonymous said...

Rodney, what gives? Thought the trivia was supposed to be about media teams winning. The "Ghetto Fabulous" Copper Miner's team wins! And we weren't even cheating!

Tell the WGEM/QNI team, 2nd place is just the first loser (according to the late Dale Earnhardt).

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was the banana boat truck driver of doom that came through for us with the Kansas lyrics that put us over the top at QND trivia.

He was a half hour late, thanks to technical difficulties ( that he could have helped with) it did not matter.

We were a team of destiny (as long as the beer supply held out)

RH said...

Nope, the trivia contest was NOT about media teams winning .... just as long as those radio guys didn't win. Of course Ghetto Fabulous won, what doesn't the guy know about music trivia?

WGEM team definitely cheated.

Not enough 80s questions!

Actually it was a good time as always.

Allthenewsthatfits said...

When I used to compete in the QHS Quiz Bowl team's trivia fund-raiser, the WGEM team was always out the door in the first round. The high school teachers' team was called "home by noon," and they always lived up to that title too.

Anonymous said...

to quote the great Ray Charles "loud don't make it good". I caving in someone's chest a good thing??? I think not.

TOOKIE said...

Our chest's caving in WAS Great !

may have been one of the best sets the Fielder boys have done !

TOOKIE said...

Dude "Goodbye Fields of Green" was 100% OFF the Hook !!!!!!!!

I bet that was 15 mins and dudes just hit there Miles Davis Zone .

TOOKIE said...

When do you have to buy DOB lunch ?

I saw the "free lunch " write up , hehehe *winks

p.s. : stop picking arguments at going away parties were just crabby that you missed the boys Rockin