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Friday, January 04, 2008

Fool`s Game by Michael Bolton

Holy Crap!
Finally figured out how to post You Tube directly to the blog.
This video is unbelievably hysterical. First, check out the hair, you could stuff 100 pillows between band members.
The riff is awesome, it's Aldo Nova if you were wondering.
See Michael play the guitar. Really! It's really him! Honest!
At 1:52 I about died laughing .... he runs into the girls, and they leave him on the floor. Can you see them making this video?
DIRECTOR: Ok Michael, the girls come up to you and you lie down, then you peak up at them after they leave.
Wow. You can't make it up .... And this is just the first of unbelievably good/bad 80s videos.

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