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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Turner Hall ROCKS

It's pretty easy to figure out my favorite venue in Quincy - it's gotta be Turner Hall.

We had another great time as we wrapped up a busy stretch for The Funions. Thanks to all the courthouse crew, Logan, Tookie, and everybody who came out to support us.

By the end of our set we had 'em going pretty good (Hound Dog does that for you). Also got a good reaction to our original songs, which always makes us feel good.

Rock A. Bye and Jack Inghram were again on fire. It is so much fun seeing people react to well-played sax and slide guitar.

We again played pretty well, had some issues with monitors and being able to hear on stage but the sound system itself worked great.

The Funions will be off for a while, hopefully we'll book a show or two in the spring.

Again, thanks for hanging out!


TOOKIE said...

Feel Free to right click , hit "save pic" and keep the Funions pic .

RH said...

Chip, send it to my email and maybe I'll get it to work.

TOOKIE said...

Sent !

Ole Cheeks is always fun to see !

I need to talk to Rob this week . The OLC should do a Local band Jam fest !

I also hear the bull riding was a huge success ! That place has needed a think outside the box way.

Great building , I always have said they just needs butts in the door !

RH said...

Nobody was happier than I was when Rob took over.

Look for a Funions/Cheeks/Fielder show coming soon, hopefully.

TOOKIE said...

What a great line up ! I swear we need more people to know how kick ass our local music is . I mean Cheeks play then POOF here's the trumpet ........

You guys & Fielder put on shows .

Drives me nuts that we have talent , yet not enough people know we got it .

Rocky Cola said...

sponsered by the bull????

quincy pilgrim aka pravoslavniye said...

Prophets (and musicians) are without honor in their own country.

People don't want to believe that a "local boy" (or girl) could actually be GOOD.

Remember the definition of an expert: "someone from more than 100 miles away."

It's sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

And the same could be said about the Quincy Symphony, Quincy Concert Band, Muddy River Opera and ensembles like the clarinet quartet By B-Flats and the Quincy area All-Star Clarinet Choir. Of course, also the kickin' Heidelberg German Band and the Let's Dance Band, where you can also hear Jack wail on the sax!