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Thursday, January 10, 2008


The Funions had a treeemendous practice tonight. We dug up some stuff we haven't played in a long time and Saturday night will be a blast.

Napalm Bill is coming down to do the lights for us. Wow!

Also talked to Randy Taylor tonight and we are on for Saturday, Jan. 19, at Turner Hall. It's The Funions, Cheeks McGee and Dawg Daze, should be a lot of fun.

And yes ... we'll do Keep Your Hands To Yourself Saturday just for Rocky ....


TOOKIE said...

We are fired up see you at sound check !

Also some point mid-set I need to use your Mic

I am sure you know "Happy Birthday"

And nothing Rocks like you boys ( even that nasty ass Pirate hat) and Fielder

Like a Reeses ----- 2 great sounds that just go together

RH said...

The Mic is all yours. Just keep it Clean Tookie.

Actually, it's your party and you can cry if you want to, so do whatever you want ....

TOOKIE said...


I will not cry ! Unless someone tells me MIZZOU , Fichigan , AuBARN , and all FL schools quit NCAA football . Then the streets will flow with my tears of joy .

(p.s. FU for this being my word verify "ufjaffeh") Lordy

Do you know what POT ( weed ) and OSU have in common ?

They both get smoked in Bowls