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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Whitesnake Love Ain`t No Stranger Live 2004

I took some hits for my love of Marillion. For the life of me I don't know why you guys can't handle REAL 80s music. So I was thinking of my second favorite song and I can't come up with a clear choice, but this one ranks right up there. This clip is from 2004 and a show at Wembley in England. David Coverdale is amazing, 56 freaking years old and still rocking.

Do you ever here a song and it just rocks you? Hmmm. Even on the shuffle during the long walks it stops me cold


TOOKIE said...

Whitesnake ..........

How Wayne & Garth ! I think I left my Whitesnake cd's in the Trans Am I never owned !

This right here screams BUTT ROCK !

Why not toss Bon Jovi in too !

*shakes head

provine said...

Ain't nothing wrong with Whitesnake. One of the best bands of the hair metal era.

RH said...

Thank Goodness SOMEBODY out there recognizes hair metal genius.