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Friday, January 04, 2008

Posting Videos

I've recently discovered two of the most horrendously good/bad early 80s music videos and I want to link them here.

Bill Simmons calls it the "unintentional comedy scale." These are off the charts.

A while back Uncle Tony offered to show me how to do it. ABC, help!

Quincy deserves to be exposed to early 80s greatness!


QuincyForums said...

Heres a pretty good tutorial

Anonymous said...

Great 80's music?? Musically, the 80's was a vast wasteland. Ask any musician that's been around for a while! But then again, music, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

TOOKIE said...

I can show you !


*shakes head

Click the "Url" key when making a post

Hit "backspace" to delete the "http" in that field

Copy the Top URL to the field hit add

then the URL will show .

TOOKIE said...

Hell DOB can show you , that is saying something

RH said...

Thanks Robert!

RH said...

A vast wasteland? Wow. You'll get a huge argument from me on that one.