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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Quiet Sunday

Maybe Tony Romo can use that fine Eastern Illinois education and open up a cabana in Mexico. He has the time ...

Much fun last night at the OL. As I somewhat suspected, there was a good crowd but they weren't much into the music at the beginning. I thought we played well. The host and the birthday girl were happy, and Fielder tore it up, so it was a good night.

The sound was big and booming, but not that bad. I've heard a lot worse.

Thanks Rocky Cola for taking me back 20 years!

Didn't get out of there until 2 a.m. after tearing down .... thank goodness for quiet Sunday afternoons and slipping in and out of consciousness on the easy chair.

Now The Funions get ready for this Saturday's big show at Turner Hall with Cheeks McGee and Dawg Daze Booogie. It's just $3 at the door or $5 per couple.


TOOKIE said...

Dude you guys rocked . I was so bummed b/c everyone was gettin their drink on . Not one person I spoke to today was feeling good . The liver is on a 30 strike . So the only golden drink I will have is lemonaid . You guys so rocked ! Thanks for all

PPGA Commish said...

If Romo can duplicate a Marty's experience in Cabo, I'm there.

T.O. had his back after the game. What a teammate!!!

Maybe Romo shouldn't have thrown the ball right into the receivers' hands. He could have made a tackle or two on that Giants drive before halftime, too.

Romo isn't blameless. The Cowboys' loss was (coaching cliche) a total team effort.

Tooks is right. You guys were good on Saturday night.

Still waiting to hear "Freebird" though.

RH said...

I'm actually going to agree with you. It wasn't just Romo, it was the whole team.

Come next Saturday to Turner Hall .... we'll think about doing Freebird. Honest.