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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miss January

Geesh, is she a bitch or what? Tease us with 60-degree weather, then this?

Maybe I put the skates away too early.

Spent last night with two of the most amazing people I've ever interviewed. Ever.

Pandora - Donny Iris. A rock and roll geek I can relate to.

Possible non-Funions musical project looming.

The Funions are taking suggestions for new songs to learn. Thinking about Rambling Man by The Bob Seeger Experience. Bonus points if you can tell me who sang backup vocals.


TOOKIE said...

"what I like about you"

"Darkside" Eddy n the Cruisers aka John Cafferty & Beaver Brown

Eddy money , Maybe "Shaken"

Dire Straights " Money For nothing"

obnoxious quincy pilgrim said...


Play Smoke on the Water!


RH said...


You aren't obnoxious, just miscast, dude.

Obnoxious Southerner/midwesterner said...

Hey Man. Play Freebird!

Anonymous said...

glenn fry??

RH said...

Smuggler's Blues? Party Town? He had some really bad solo stuff in the 80s too.