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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can't Live Without

Some things I've recently discovered no man should be without.

1. A Border Collie named Lucy.
2. New sisters.
3. An expert poo picker for when you step in the doo doo in the backyard.
4. Toothbrush holder.
5. Frogs in the shower.
6. Soap dish.
7. A light above the kitchen sink.
8. Company for evening walks to visit Mother Wilma at Greenmount Cemetery.
9. Friends with pickup trucks. Even if they live in tough neighborhoods on the other side of 28th Street.
10. A Melrose Chapel pastor to drape his jacket over you when doing your James Brown imitation.
11. Many others, one especially two blocks up the street ....


goo said...

Did you let Eighinger write this entry?

RH said...

Heck no .... besides, Wally would have had to use a tent, not a jacket, to drape something over Easy E.

Anonymous said...

YOU are the funniest and sweetest man alive!!!! I love you........ browneyedgirl

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping us as much as we have been able to help you.

The ying to browneyedgirls yang