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Monday, April 14, 2008

New Place

So the transformation in the humble Calftown abode is almost done. Gotta move a couch and chair up here and we are good to go.

The entire place was scrubbed from head to toe. I now have a soap dish and toothbrush holder. That means I've arrived.

I walked into the kitchen last night and there was a light on above the sink that I never knew existed.

It's a whole new place and just seems so much more like .... home!

Gratitude to SB and SB for the changes.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome. And my gratitude to you for being such a great friend. browneyedgirl

danielle said...

I love that you visit my grandma. the next time you are there please pull a weed. She hated pink flamingos.

Anonymous said...

The place looks great ladies...kudos to you for all your hard work, a brave undertaking!

RH said...

Danielle, I'll pull a weed for sure. I miss your grandmother a lot. Peace!