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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Stay Strong

For Frank Calkins.

Stay Strong
Can't imagine what you've been through
Can't really feel what you feel
All I can do is reach out to you
Hold on to what I feel
Long and lonely nights
All alone you fight
The demons off they will not quit
You cannot rest you cannot hide
You only know one way

Stay strong ....

It's the long way it's the hard way
No shortcuts to the end
It's the long way
I wanna hear you say
No no I'll never quit

Stay strong

Copyright 2007 D.R. Hart


chart said...

Looks like another Sheryl special -- thanks for posting. J & E are mezmerized! (Uncle Rotnee on the internet!)

SheyFey said...

You are welcome! We may have more from Sunday and are working on better audio too!

Anonymous said...

For Frank Calkins

Frankie Calkins
A friend I never knew
All I know
Is what I read about you

I didn't know your name
Till a year or so ago
This was intentional
Made life easier
ya Know

Your much more than I Imagined
Much more ..Indeed
For you rescued a friend of mine
In a Great time of need

You wouldn't approve
But I'm high as a Kite
I just wanted to say this
To maybe "make your night"

For if it wasn't for you
And things had gone my way
Life would have been miserable
And of course ...
There'd been "Hell to pay"

So I hope you read this
And Understand
If not I'll tell ya later
In a Much better Land

I need to end this
And go try to make some Dough
But in my book... Remember
You OK Bro :)