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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

U2 worship service

So there's no South Park strolls or Woodland Cemetery crawls in this stuff.

Hanging out with Devon White tonight and working on the U2 stuff. Sunday, April 27, Union United Methodist Church at 11th and State. We have ...

Rev. Wally Carlson, guitar
Devon White, bass
Craig Sparks, drums
Jack Inghram, sax
Sherry Renner, keyboards
Clueless newspaper guy, guitar and vocals

It's going to be very cool!


harry carey said...

Please ask Devon if he enjoyed playing more for the Blue Jays or for the Angels.

SheyFey said...

Can't wait to go to church for a U2 fest.... Times are changing, when I was little you only heard hymns played on an organ and piano!

Sweeny Todd (the play was better) said...

You may be many things, Mr. Hart, but ain't you (or nobody else over there at Da Whig) "clueless".

Well, maybe the editors, but not the reporters.


michelle wardlow said...

!! I wish I could be there for THAT! Sounds like a lot of fun, and very uplifting to boot!
I'm enjoying reading your blog, btw...has a much diffrent feel than the other QuincyBloggers sites!

RH said...

Thanks Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Rodney, we need to have a "Tookie legal defense fund" jam/concert somewhere.

RH said...

I disagree. I think we should raise money for the brave men prosecuting this heinous act of civil disobedience. As noted on other blogs, Tookie is a rabble rousing, law breaking, authority defying scoundrel who should be sentenced to hard time for polluting our ears with that rap crap.

I'd cover the trial, but I have a haircut scheduled instead.

Long live the West Texas Outlaws — "Rap Is Crap!"