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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Elks Fun

As always, a great time had by all at The Elks last night.

Not one of our better played shows, in my opinion. We work really hard on the songs and then we get up there and just hack up the endings and different parts. But ... the energy and spirt was there. Always is with these guys.

Now Warren can say he played with The Funions! And who knew Wally Carlson would literally offer the jacket off his back ala James Brown?

Like Steph says, "I like the atmosphere at The Elks. It's like you guys are a garage band."

Very true. Actually we are a torn-up basement band. Same thing, really.

The Funions are off for a bit and we're working on some summer shows, we'll keep you posted.

Next up: U2 worship service a week from Sunday.


Anonymous said...

btw.... Steph meant that in a VERY good way!!!! browneyedgirl

RH said...

No higher praise indeed ....

pravoslavniye said...

Sorry I missed it rh.

Just so you don't feel left out, I missed Pam Fretwell's roast on Saturday night too.

I'd claim an Elks Club curse, but it wouldn't work. Those folks are too nice to have a curse.