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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Provine's Stadium

Mike Provine, easy Quincy's best blogger, has a fascinating photoshopped rendition of what a new baseball stadium in Quincy could look like. His blog is linked, or you can go to and look at his Saturday entry, or the actually photo is

Sorry about my lack of hyperlink ability.

Before you laugh off this idea, which has a lot of potential but pitfall, think of what a gleaming new stadium could mean for Quincy.

First of all, we'd have to land a team. Provine Park, as depicted, is huge. Does this mean we're going to get a Triple A team in Quincy?

Second - where does everybody park? You are taking lots of land from the river to about Third or Fourth Streets, I'm sure the foks at the Elks just south of the new bridge wouldn't be happy about people parking in their lot across the street.

Third - road access. No easy way in or out if you have thousands at a ball game, and really, just one road in all four directions. You'd have to get law enforcement directing traffic before and after a game.

Lastly - we'd have to get rid of that ugly blight on the river, across the street from the Pier and other places. That's progress. We'd be knocking down a lot of ugly buildings, but Quincy doesn't like buildings being demolished.

Huge dream, huge expense to build, huge logistics to overcome.

But I like it!

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Anonymous said...

That's Great!!! Then the Rolling Stones would have a great place to play on their regular trips to Quincy!