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Friday, April 18, 2008

Setting Up At The Elks

It's not every morning you wake up due to an earthquake ....

So we are ready for our show tonight at the Elks.

Many thanks to Pat Cornwell, drummer, singer and PA Guy extraordinaire. Setting up is a pain and Pat makes it a lot easier. The sound in there is good, not too loud but clear.

No Funions gigs after this one just yet, though we are working on a few things.

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michellewardlow said...

Well, here's hoping you had a great night at the elks, and that you guys rocked that place to give the New MAdrid a run for its money!
I am getting tired of typing all those freaky letters to submit comments too...they started out so short, now they could actually MEAN SOMETHING...if I drop acid, anyway. g'night!