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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

12 strings

So a while ago, geesh, a year maybe, I borrowed an awesome Martin 12-string from Rock A. Bye and restrung it. 

It's been sitting in the case after I played it maybe once or twice, and I need to be hung by the neck until I cheer up for leaving it in there so long.

12-string guitars are awesome and have a rich, full sound. They are also a royal pain in the patootie to tune and keep in tune.

So I dropped it down two steps and that seems to help. 

My fingers on the left hand are chewed to shreds after playing for about half an hour, which means I need to play it more often, obviously .... It even has a thin line pickup (no volume control on the guitar) so I can plug it in to play. There are some Funions songs it would sound good on I think.

Since it's too hot to do much outside, I'll try fooling around with it. Rock A. Bye and I have a Two Deadly Weapons gig coming up, maybe we can get it tuned up enough to actually bring it out in public.

Maybe ....

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TMO said...

Sweet! I've loved the sound of a 12 string ever since I was a little kid and heard one in church. Get 'er up to speed and break it out at Backwaters!