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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

No More Line On The Horizon

So we had a big garage sale last week at Shey Fey's old house and I sold a boom box.

Yesterday I bought a much smaller CD player with a lineout so I can plug my lap top into it, and my iPod.

I grab my No Line On The Horizon CD and open it up to christen the new CD player — but there's no disc in the case.

I left it in the old boom box.

So. If you bought a fairly nice boom box at a Calftown garage sale last weekend and found the U2 disc ... help a forgetful brother out, wouldya?

On second thought, never mind. He's a lame-brain and he doesn't deserve to get it back.


browneyedgirl said...


MichelleIL said...

So sorry for your sorry! :(

Rocky Cola said...

Back Blogging.
Not sure if this is a false positive type of event or not.