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Monday, June 08, 2009

Smart Golf

When you play golf with the boss, it's always a good idea to let him win.

When you play golf with the boss on the same four-man scramble team, it's a great idea to win the tournament, the big cash prize that goes with it, and thank him profusely for making a key birdie putt from the fringe on a tough par 3, then chipping in for eagle on one of the closing holes.

But ... "I don't play golf for money, and I never slice ..."


Anonymous said...

The tall, lanky guy with the 53-inch driver was huge off the tee. Calling air traffic control. It's always nice to be laying one just off the green on short par 4s. Or just above the pin on an opening par 3. Driver-wedge is a great way to spend an afternoon on the golf course. And the old QND softball coach was dropping bombs with the putter, balky back and all.

Anonymous said...

Nice to get paid for playing too!