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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stormy Show

Much fun at Turner Hall last night, thanks to the guys (and gal) from Midnight Legend and The Cheeseburgers. Thanks to Mark, Pooh, Big Jon and Rollo for everything. Turner Hall is the best! We'll see if we got any good pics and post them later.

Really bad storm ripped through town about 3:30 yesterday. The power went off at The Whig for the first time I can remember. Click here for more storm coverage.

The above photo was taken of our neighbor across the street, and our area had debris everywhere. At the corner a wire was burning a tree way up high and it took Ameren until the wee hours to get over and take care of it. The fire department even blocked our alley behind the house. This morning Shey Fey and I cleaned up more branches and debris.

The good thing is that nobody was hurt. Some buildings downtown look worse for wear.

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michelleIL said...

a great parody of Get on Your Boots. I could only think to share this with you. Maybe, not family viewing.