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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Water Heaters

So we've been really lucky with the new house. Everything works great and it's solid as a rock.

Except for the water heater.

It quite working this week. So we track down the former owner, who flipped the house (bought it and fixed it up) and did a great job. Turns out he bought the water heater from some "dude" who used to work for Home Depot. The serial number is ripped off, and turns out the heater "sat in the dude's garage for a few years" before it was installed.

It may not be heating water, but I have a feeling it's plenty hot all by itself.

So ... Shey Fey is all fired up because she gets to make another trip across town, and bring back other stuff she doesn't need.

Also on the home front, HUGE poker game last night with the boys from the office. 

Life is good!

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Anonymous said...

SO... You had a "hot" water heater? Kinda ironic. But, no hot water. DOH!