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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Send Off


Didn't come to the funeral today. I hate funerals. Sorry, man. 

I went to the cemetery for the graveside service, and it was a beautiful God-kissed morning.

It took 20 minutes for all the cars to come in. People were lined up across the street in South Park.

One of the clergy told a QPD Honor Guard member he'd never seen so many people show so much respect. Vehicles pulled over and people on the street stopped in their tracks to bid you farewell.

Last night at visitation, your father looked at me through tear-stained eyes and he said, "Matt respected you."

A greater honor has never been given.

I'll come by once in a while, Greenmount is just a skip away from Calftown.

Rest easy, Matt.


browneyedgirl said...

Aww, Rodney... you made me cry. My thoughts are with the family. It'll be a long hard road and I wish them peace.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful blog!!! Matt was well like and well respected. I was in awe the respect that people paid yesterday - and he is so modest he would have been embarrassed by the display from people yesterday. You made me cry too, and that is not an easy task. Thank you !!!!

UMRBlog said...

Before you time but Matt's Dad was a fine Police Officer, a credit to his City.

RH said...

Used to see him in court with Matt, he has always been proud of his son.