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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crash Goes Music Stand

You know you've had a successful gig at a private party when ....

— The dancing starts five songs into the first set.
— They beg you to keep playing nearly four hours later.
— Your bass player looks at you and says, "We need to learn a few more songs."
— You are playing a guitar solo and a dancer in front of you crashes into your music stand and breaks it.
— You and your bandmates just laugh when it happens.
— You are taking a break and suddenly somebody grabs a microphone and starts singing and somebody else gets behind the drums and starts banging on stuff.
— The host and hostess bring out shots of Uzo for the band.
— Everybody goes home happy.

What a great time at The Spear Compound Saturday night! Jeff bid on us at the CAC auction a few months back, and decided to have a party for about 50 of his closest friends.

Perfect weather, perfect place to play, more fun than should be allowed. Gotta love people determined to have a good time.

Shey Fey took pics, click here for more.

We had The Mighty One playing drums with us since Pat was off bidding good luck to married step-kids, and we played pretty well. Adam brought his keyboard (traction for the lead singer after loading and unloading) and we did some cool stuff like Piano Man, Walking In Memphis and Faithfully.

Jack showed up after a Heidelburg gig and looked sexy in his high socks. He was so into the people dancing and jumping around that we had to yell at him several times when it came time to sax solos, hysterical fun at his expense.

Rock A Bye had a smooth takeoff and landing for Six Days On The Road ... and the good doctor has the gravelly vocal on LaGrange down to a science.

The band made new friends and it proved once again playing music is the bomb.

Give us about a month and maybe we'll recover and we can do it again!

We will regroup and get ready for the huge show this Friday at Turner Hall.


TMO said...

What an unbelievably good time. Watching the party goers getting so into the music just reinforced an age old sentiment... You're never too old to have a good time. And boy did they, and we for that matter! Last night was an absolute blast! Thanks again for letting me sit in. Sorry about the back.

Anonymous said...

Not many people could portray Abe Lincoln, be a Heidelberger and be a Funion all in a 12 hour period!!

RH said...

Not only that, but he's 162 years old. The guy ROCKS!

Jack said...

I can't remember a gig that was more fun than last nite! It was absolutely a blast! You could hear everything, and I could even hear myself (an unusual occurrence). Adam did a terrific job on the drums, especially for just playing with us for a couple of times, and we all played well. And wow, did the crowd got into it--that was probably the most fun part, with everybody going crazy about 3 feet away from you. I'd play for a party at Jeff's house anytime!!!

Anonymous said...

Just to be pedantic...

it's "Ouzo".


And it burns, yes my precious, it burns! :)

But it hurts sooooo good!

jeff said...

The band may have had fun, but not as much as the hosts! You Rock!!!
We'll definitely be bidding on you again next year, so CASA will once again benefit. Now...what can we have another party for? and when!!!
The Spears

RH said...

Hmmmmm ..... maybe an end of summer bash?