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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two New Links

Added two links to the page. The first is Travis Hoffman's Q-town, and it's really cool, lots of stuff to see and very informative. Travis worked for us at The Whig for a while and I remember him from his awesome acoustic gigs before he moved a way a few years ago. 

The second is from a guy named Aaron Baugher. I have no idea who he is, but he puts his name on his site and doesn't hide, unlike most of the Web Warriors around here. Some of his entries are ... different. Studying Latin? Okay .... But I like the site.


TOOKIE said...

Why don't you check links on the NOW DEAD City desk .......

Your new ones are so like 4 months old

*rolls eyes

RH said...

I don't check anything on City Desk.

TOOKIE said...

Ya and the economy is stellar in Michigan

*rolls eyes again

Anonymous said...

I thought Tookie was not blogging anymore. The posting on his site is kinda boring now. I haven't really spent anytime lookin at the city desk for ages.

Taking a break?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link sir.