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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sports Mirrors Life

Well. What can you say? The Wings did everything but win, everything but put away a pesky Penguins team. I only saw the second half of Friday night's game, and the puck was in Pittsburgh's end the whole time, and the goalie stood on his head. Plus he bounced back from a terrible Game 5 with unbelievable efforts in the next two games.

You just have to give them credit.

That's the great thing about sports, how it mirrors life. Sometimes it's just not fair. You can dominate the opposition and play very well but unless you score, well, it doesn't matter.

The Wings are long in the tooth. You wonder how much gas guys like Lidstrom and Osgood have in the tanks. 

Then again, they almost won their fifth cup in 12 years, and second in a row, something not many pro sports teams can say in this age of salary caps and lack of loyalty.

And .... everybody else has had plenty of tee times this spring and early summer.


TOOKIE said...

No matter the outcome the Wings are the only thing left in Michigan to be proud of .

Big Blow -- the spread option ? WTF

State ( well the 2nd thing to be proud of )

Western Mich chip-a-whats .......... :)

Lions hahahahaha

Gov't Motors


Ford ( well Ford is pretty kick @ss)

RH said...

could be worse ... Did you hear Alabama has a new slogan? Instead of Roll Tide, it's Read Tide.

Pfffffffttttt ....