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Friday, January 30, 2009

Another thaw

The Grawe boys came over to The Pond this week for a huge inter-school pond hockey battle with Team Stegeman.

Team Stegeman let Old Guy play with them. Old Guy is very impressed with the number of good skaters and it was an awesome time. Both sides had 12 players so we did line shifts every few minutes.

I believe Team Stegeman won. I believe they let Team Grawe score a few goals here and there just to make them feel better. 

The ice was chippy yesterday. This weekend's thaw might actually help get the crud off the ice and flatten out the surface. Cold again early next week, might get in a game or two.

Then the thaw really hits toward the end of the week, and that will likely be the end of pond hockey this season.

Found out Boyers sharpens skates and they do a really good job.


chart said...

I hope that when I'm as old as you, that I can be active, too.

RH said...

Thanks (I think!) ....