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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gas Prices

We all knew this $1.60 a gallon gas was waaaayyyyy too good to be true.

I just went to West Quincy and paid $1.58. At the local gas station in Q-town gas is $1.85. The difference, of course, is competition and state taxes.

Many times I go to West Quincy just to spite Illinois and its higher gas taxes. Sometimes I give in and buy gas here. But when it's 27 cents a gallon cheaper .... c'mon. You are dumb not to do it if you aren't that far from the bridges.

Now lawmakers say they may need to jack the federal tax on gas because Americans are driving fewer miles.

Let me get this straight — we, John Q. Public, are using less gas and being more responsible in tight economic times, presumably with less wear and tear on our roads, and the answer is to SMACK US IN THE FACE WITH MORE FREAKING TAXES?

Let's trade Washington D.C. to another country and just call it even.


browneyedgirl said...

Amen, brotha'!!!!

David said...

$1.99 in the AUTOMOBILE bailout state - seems to me that they would give us Michiganders free gas to continue the freaking dependence on the automobile!!

SheyFey said...

I like David's idea. Each state should have a discount on something it specializes in.... IL can have... discount corruption charges??