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Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day

Lots of fun at the Elks Lodge last night. The Classics are awesome, a band that understands it's not about being loud, it's all about being heard.

New Year's Day has been quiet, lots of football and hanging out in the newly-dubbed "Mark's Sports Bar" in the Ridge. 

The hockey game today at Wrigley Field was the best. Whoever came up with this idea needs to be knighted .... you'll see it every year now.

Hope 2009 is good to you!


Anonymous said...

That's because they are pros and get it. Ray Charles once said "loud don't make it good". Glad you noticed that, RH!

Anonymous said...

you're right about the hockey game,what a sight!
Not that much of a hockey fan but had to open Replay early that day for a once in a lifetime event.