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Friday, January 09, 2009



He is accused of allowing a Funion to jam with his band, Fielder, thus making the Funion a Fieldion.

Both are greasy, from what I've heard.

Let's quote the greatest philosopher of all time by saying HOLY CRAP and congratulating the QHS girls on a huge win in Galesburg last night. Some nice pics of No. 44, too!

The Funions practiced last night and learned a boatload of songs. Ain't No Sunshine in Q-town in January.

We also discussed summer World Parking Lot Tour plans, south and north sides of Mendon, how much gear we've had lost/stolen/misplaced/borrowed and never returned, watched Florida win the national championship and lined up the soldiers when we were done.

Looking forward to hanging out at the Aces tournament tomorrow and watching more NFL playoff games ....

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