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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Morning Quiet

Sometimes it's nice just to wake up, get some coffee, sift through the paper (or, like more and more people these days, browse online) and just take it easy.

More fun at The Farm yesterday. My mid-40s muscles are barking this morning. Hurts so good!

Watched "The Bucket List" last night. Morgan Freeman is amazing. I kept thinking about how autobiographical much of the material might have been from Jack Nicholson. 

So, you have a sleeping 17-year-old on a Sunday morning. What do you do?
1. Wake her up and make pancakes.
2. Threaten to ground her if she doesn't wake up, then realize all she'd do is sleep if she was grounded.
3. Try the old Calvinistic guilt trip thing about missing church.
4. Let her sleep.

Correct Answer: C'mon, too easy ....

1 comment:

TOOKIE said...

I would wake her up with " Morris Day and the Time " while doing the Dance to Jungle Love .

See you would ruin her day with all 7 foot of hoser doing 80's Funkadelic dances and she would be .....

" oh lord my dad is so embarrassing"

A win win with 8 years olds also