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Monday, January 26, 2009

Get On Your Boots

The first single from U2's "No Line On The Horizon" is out.

Give "Get On Your Boots" a listen here.

You can never tell what you will get with U2, though the last two CDs were more of the powerhouse U2 older fans remember. 

This song is basically "Vertigo" on steroids, strange but captivating the more you listen to it.

More info on the CD here.


TOOKIE said...

This is allof LASTWEEKSnewsthatfitsyourbent

RH said...

True. But after being sick and recovering from death, plus with great ice and all kinds of stuff going on, today was the first chance I got to really listen to it a few times.

TOOKIE said...

Well thanks for sending that GUT bug here , blackberries rules while under 4 down blankets

not TOOKIE said...

Took... you all need to get into RELIV, I am telling you my family has escaped almost everything..except a little strep throat and sinus infections