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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Buh buh buh bundle up, baby ....

The weather is a big topic right now. What do you do to keep warm? 

In the immortal word of a cook I used to work with many years ago who gave me a tip about making nachos - "Layers, dude. Layers." You don't need a big heavy coat, just a few shirts, jackets and sweatshirts.

And if you don't have to go outside, DON'T. Pretty simple, Hoser.

Went to St. Charles this morning for work and drove into the sunrise. Even on a bleak January morning it was pretty cool. 

QHS girls gave it a good go last night in Keokuk. In a month the season and No. 44's career will be over, and it's just hard to believe.

Two more nights and it's Elks rock and roll time, we can't wait!

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