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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hectic Friday

It started with a noon skate at The Farm. Kevin Murphy of The Whig copy desk was introduced to pond hockey Quincy style and it was SO much fun zipping around the ice with Corey and crew.

Then it was back to work where Judge Mark Drummond didn't mince words when telling a Chicago drug dealer what he thought, click here.

Then it was off to The Elks for a Funions show. I thought we played pretty well, just something off with the energy, might have been the cold January night. The people that did stick around had a great time and I'm always grateful people will come out to hear us.

When we were done all I wanted to do was go home and crash, but Rock A Bye, Pat, Steph and Shey Fey were insistent we go to Port's Place to see Kevin Allen. Port's Place? Are you kidding?

There weren't. And it was a blast. And now I'm embarrassed to pick up a guitar after watching Kevin jam with his buddies. HOLY CRAP. 

Back on the ice today with any luck, gotta do it now because it's warming up!

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