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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wire ... Less (update)

A very gracious soul set me up with wireless Internet a while back and it's awesome. I can sit anywhere in the place unhooked and hooked up, a beautiful thing.

The other day something called "Angelove" popped up on my wireless network, booted me off and screwed everything up. Now I can't reconnect, despite expert efforts.

If you are Angelove and living in Calftown, thanks for nothing, and thanks for using a non-secure wireless network and wrecking my little parade.

UPDATE: We called Comcast, which said the router was fine. They switched us to Belkin, the router maker.

"Oh," said the Belkin tech person. "If you have an iBook, you have to type in a $ sign before your password when you log back in."

Geesh. Glad we called, our we'd be using the router for a hockey puck right now ....

Ready tonight for the Trivia Contest at St. Peter. Since half our team are Funions, expect a big after-party jam session somewhere ....


Anonymous said...

Damn $'s!

bg said...

The trash-talking begins now! Team WGEM will dominate!

Team WGEM's better is better than the Whig's better!

pravoslavniye said...

I seriously suggest securing the wireless network too, if only for your own peace of mind.